deep capabilities

muscle memory or intuition, to sense danger and recognize humanity in new faces, are powers with prehistoric pedigree. though out of fashion this season, these skills descend from rich ancestry and extensive evolutionary development. these (among several) are our deep capabilities, and are good investments.

they also have some indelible power over us. they predate both language and identity. i suspect i will never fully control mine. you may find at times that they are maladjusted. in some cases, there are better tools to rely on.

it is an essential device of capitalism to put you in circumstances like these whenever possible.

to put it another way, your instincts will always be cheap to rely on. the ones you were born with, however, are diminishingly helpful in an environment designed to exploit them at cost to you. nonetheless it is naive to condemn such tenacious things, and to surrender them is a waste. this irony suggests two results;

first, it is in my interest to train my deep capabilities. this is a human’s subtle superpower: not to circumvent their instincts, but to improve them with practice, and exercise them at the best moments. a person who can do this consistently is worth having around.

second, i can discern designs which tend to keep me from accessing this magic fluently. i need systems and agents which are symbiotic: which i can believe to honestly encourage this empowerment. with this measure, i can identify some interests which (au contraire) find my limitations convenient. similarly, i can expose agents and systems which serve them.

demands are past their prime. i am not interested in contesting the title to my actual self. nonetheless, when i trust someone, i am relying on one of my deep capabilities.

i am interested in doing that.